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How To Prep For Your Lash Course

I know that venturing off from what you're used to and starting something new can be nerve wracking. My job is and always be the make things the easiest that they can be for you and to be fully transparent. I've created this guide to help you prep for your new journey!

Envision yourself as a working lash artist. Are you working from your home studio? Do you see yourself working in a salon space? Are you a solo artist or do you work under a boss? Do you want to manage your inventory and bookings or have someone manage it all for you?

Choose a Course

Sounds easy enough, right? If you're an overthinker like me then you keep going back and forth on the pros and cons of each course. Here's the downlow on both:

I would recommend More Than Your Basic Classic Lash Course to those who are very unsure/uncertain about starting this venture and possibly running an entire business on their own. Its also a good option if "slow and steady" is your motto. The investment cost is a bit lower which might help if ultimately in the end you decide this isn't the career path for you. Don't be fooled. There are many great artists who create a thriving, successful business by only offering classics. This is their specialty and they are the pros!

With the All In Express Volume Course, you get all the info that's in More Than Your Basic Classic Lash Course plus the hybrid and express volume modules. You'll be able to offer different lash set types right from the start without compromising the fundamentals of lashing. This will get you wider range of clientele faster and will help you grow your business faster.

There is also the option of our new Lift Me Up Lash Lift Course. Lash lifts are more popular than ever. They are a quick service and can make you just as much profit as a lash extension fill but in half the time. Its a win win if you ask me. Other advantages to this service include filling in smaller gaps in your day, long lasting results so longer turn around time for clients and such an easy service to complete.

Once you've made your decision, head over to the Thinkific and pay by credit card to start. If you prefer to pay by cash, etransfer or would like a payment plan, send me an email at Once your payment has been received, your login info will be sent to your email and the journey begins! Completing the lessons is best on a laptop, desktop or tablet. Be sure to get your notepad or tablet ready to take notes. You're about to take in A LOT of info.

Studio Space

If you're thinking of working from home, do you have dedicated studio space? Its important to have a space that is private and separate from other common areas. Your client (especially first time clients) can feel vulnerable about being in someone's home and with their eyes closed, fully trusting a stranger. Its important that they feel comfort in knowing the space is dedicated solely to the service. Are all the areas on the way to that private space presentable and free of clutter or are there changes that need to be made beforehand?

If you're thinking of working in a salon, begin contacting potential salons and inquiring on things like:

  • space, access to bathroom/sink

  • parking

  • hours

  • cost

  • contracts

If you go this route, always remember to get things in writing.

Studio Essentials That Aren't Included With Your Course

Once you have an idea of how much space you have to work with, you can decide on what kind of lash bed you want to get. Do you want a portable massage table? This is always the most cost effective way to start plus adding comfort items like blankets, bed topper, heating pad and bolsters can add to the experience. Maybe you've been saving and have the funds for a recliner or hydraulic massage table.

For your light source, a ring light is a good versatile option. I like this one because you can use it for service but also for photo taking afterwards, more particularly, photos and videos where the client is standing or sitting - not just laying down. They can also be used on a stand or mounted to the wall or ceiling for more space surrounding your lash bed/chair. Crescent lights (a famous one is the Cosmoglo) is a popular option too but more so for service and pictures/videos where the client is laying down. The other light option is a Glamcor but I'm seeing these being used less and less. Still a good option for both service and pictures/video sitting up.

For both items, you might need to account for shipping times before you can get started depending on where you source them from.

To start your business, any chair will do but if you have the funds, here's my two cents on lash chairs. Your lash chair that you'll sit on during service is a matter of preference. There are many options but my recommendation will always be a massage stool that can go up and down as needed. It does not need to have a back rest because you'll never be leaning back. Other chairs I've seen people use are saddle stools, kneeling chairs and Gaiam chairs.

The last thing your studio will need is either a storage cart or cabinet. A storage cart is a good low cost option. Make sure each storage level is deep enough to store your lash trays on. Ikea & Michael's have great options. If you're a 'purchase once' type of person, go with a storage cabinet. This is the one I use and love. Everything is neatly organized and stored away by service type in each drawer.

Business Name

Its a good idea to start brainstorming business names. Think of long term names that will grow with you and think of imagery that you love that matches your potential name. Take a look on Pinterest for color palettes that will compliment your ideas. There are many graphic designers that can help you with this once you have a few ideas in mind but if you are trying to keep costs low, Canva has many tools to assist you!

I hope this guide helped clarify things for you and gave you an idea of what to expect when starting your new lash journey. Remember that the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. If you have any questions about Indulge Lash Education courses or even just the industry in general, I would love to connect with you!

Don't hold back.

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