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Which Brow Service is Right For Me?

Similar to lash services, I thought it would be a good idea to answer this popular question: should I book brow tint (brow definition with tint on the service menu), brow lamination or brow henna?

Choosing the right brow service depends on:

  1. Your skin type

  2. Your concerns

  3. Your desired outcome

Let's talk about each brow service I offer and what to expect:

Brow Wax: This service is best for those who already have a distinct brow shape. Maybe you've had permanent makeup done and just need the strays removed or maybe you were blessed at birth and already have a good brow outline, booking a simple brow wax is the service for you.

Brow Definition: This service can be done with or without tint but the main feature is that I map out your brow area to give it proper shape and thickness suitable for your face and make sure that your brows are sisters. If opting for the addition of tint, I start off at the tails because let's face it, they're usually the first to fade and then work my way to the middle. Tint at the front of the brow doesn't stay on very long to create a nice, gradual ombre effect. We finish off by waxing the excess hairs away, creating a nice defined brow.

Brow Henna: Brow henna is similar to brow definition with tint but using a different medium to stain the skin and hairs. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for henna and not everyone is a suitable candidate for tint.

Brow Lamination (with & without tint): Brow Lamination starts by applying cleansing the brow area and applying a barrier to the skin right above the brows. Three solutions are used for this service and steps one and two are timed equally. Step one softens the hair once applied. I brush the brow hairs up and diagonally then cover with a plastic film. Once I see that the hairs are staying in place, the solution is removed and we move on to mapping the brows. Once mapped, step two is applied (and tint can be added to this step) which restrengthens the bonds in the hair, allowing the brows to keep the shape they're brushed into. This ensures that we can transform the overall look of the brows simply by being able to brush them into a different shape. We finish off with waxing and voila, new brows!

There are different benefits to all options so review:

Things to consider:

  • When I'm referring to tint, I mean choose brow definition (shape, tint & wax).

  • If you're looking for something more natural, brow lamination is the way to go. For people nervous about the service, I always suggest opting out of tint for the first time.

  • If you are looking for any sort of filled in, makeup look, brow henna or brow lamination with tint is a very good option. However, if your skin is more on the oily side, I'd suggest going for brow lamination. Oil is the enemy when it comes to brow henna.

  • If you have a great amount of brow hair but they're just super light in color, tint can help add depth and longevity. But, if you enjoy that filled in, make up look and have light hair, henna is also a good option because it will stain the hair just as long as tint will but also stain the skin for 1-2 weeks depending on your skin type. Tint is not usually meant to leave color on the skin for more than a few days.

I always like to take the less is more approach when it comes to designing someone's brows for the first time. I don't like giving what I call "brow shock" so I like to gradually transform them, especially if color of any form (tint or henna) is involved. My idea of darker might be different than your idea of darker so lighter is always better to start.

Now I realize we are all human and this is all a matter of opinion so take this with a grain of salt. For clients who like my style of brow design, these are things I consider and ask during the client consultation period. Have any other brow questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out!

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