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Expectations at my Home Studio

Have you been thinking of booking a service with me but are hesitant because you’ve never been to a home-based studio before? Have no fear, I will walk you through exactly what you can expect right from this moment onwards.

I know that as a client, the entire experience starts long before you walk into my studio. It starts right at that moment when you decide you want a specific service done. Maybe you Google that service and find me. Or maybe it's through Instagram or a friend. Either way, I’ve ensured that all the info you need can be found on my website and/or on my Instagram and I know how important it is to have the info you need be easily accessible. I know that sometimes, the most convenient time for some to check me out is at the end of the day after studying for exams or after the kids are down for the night and the house is quiet. Once you’ve found your service and booked your appointment, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox with a link to my client intake form. Filling this form out prior to your appointment ensures that I can adequately prepare for the service based on your answers. I also require a 50% deposit for new clients and all full lash sets which will be deducted from the total. The e-transfer email address can be found on the confirmation email. The reason for this is sometimes people book appointments and don’t show up which is really unfortunate. It takes away valuable appointment spots that another serious client could have booked. You'll receive a reminder email and text message 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

On the day of your service, please ensure that you have enough time for travel. I often get asked if it's ok to park in the driveway and the answer is that parking on the street is better. As I do work out of my home, there are instances where people may need to come and go freely but might not be able to do so with a vehicle preventing that in the driveway. The front door is usually open so you can walk right in, remove your shoes and I’ll be there to greet you. It is very likely that my super friendly toy poodle, Bailey, will also greet you. If you are not a dog person, that's ok, just let me know! Sanitizer is available by the door or you can wash your hands in the bathroom, if you prefer.

My studio space is located up the stairs. Upon entering, you can hang your belongings behind the door and get comfy on my reclining chair. I use a recliner because I find it more comfortable than laying flat on a massage bed (especially for pregnant clients). There are blankets to keep you warm and cozy. I always explain the entire process, even if this isn’t your first time having the service done. Different service providers might do things differently so I always make sure to explain so that everything is clear and you know what to expect. Get ready to relax! It is very common for clients to fall asleep during their service and I encourage it! This is your time to disconnect and focus on self care.

At the end of the appointment, you'll receive your aftercare kit (if applicable) and I will recap any aftercare instructions pertaining to your service(s). You are free to use the bathroom before you leave and I have bottled water for you in the mini fridge. You can pay your balance using the debit/credit machine or by cash. E-transfers must be sent prior to the start of the appointment because of delays with certain banks. I can always be reached by email or through text if you have any questions and I do send a check in email two days after your appointment. I hope that clears up any anxiousness you might have felt. Can't wait to see you in my studio!


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