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Lash Education with ILS

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

*Quick side note: This is a long one but I promise it will be worth it.

---- Why I Decided to Start Educating/Mentoring

If you know me, you know that I've been lash obsessed for quite sometime. During the pandemic, I had the opportunity of joining the Untamed Artistry Geek Squad, a lash community that encouraged uniqueness and curiosity. At the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey, I never truly felt a sense of belonging in my city's lash community and UA filled that void for me. We were encouraged to question everything and to challenge each others opinions, respectfully. I'm the kind of person that doesn't like doing what I'm told just because someone said so. I need to know why and sometimes even challenge that why. I know that the group's diverse outlook on everything lashes and business is ultimately what gave me the confidence and encouragement to finally push forward to educate new and upcoming lash artists. I just have so much information to share!

As a student in the industry, I know that the learning never stops. If you are a true artist in your craft, there are always things to learn as the industry is evolving every single day. I see so many lash artists that think they can just take the one classic/volume course and never have to waste money on education or mentorship again. Let me give you an example for comparison. Imagine if your doctors didn't continuously educate themselves, attend conferences or even just consult with other professionals. They would probably lose money and wouldn't be practicing for very long. Their patients would look for new doctors. They probably wouldn't be knowledgeable enough to prescribe new medications that could cure certain illnesses faster. Information is changing every single day. There are so many people using their brilliant minds to push our industry forward through innovation and simply by challenging things that we were taught had to be a certain/specific way.

---- My Two Cents: Its Not Easy

One of my pet peeves when opening Instagram are all the educators mainly selling this whole idea of be your own boss, set your own hours, have endless income potential and freedom. Now I'm not telling you that this ISN'T true but I'm here to tell you that it isn't as easy as everyone is

advertising it to be. Think of this as a disclaimer. All of that can be true but you need to understand that starting your own business and being your own boss isn't a walk in the park and definitely isn't an overnight success type of thing. You need to have patience and resilience. You have to understand that you'll fail time and time again but the ones who keep trying are the ones that come out on top. I've seen so many people try, spend so much money on their course and supplies only to give up just because they didn't see the money coming in fast enough or didn't progress as fast as they thought they would in their technique or application.

---- Story Time

I had a student DM me on Instagram and ask a bunch of questions. She took an all-in-one type of course from a local academy and paid over $3000 for it. They taught her classics, volumes and lash lifts all in a short span of time. I asked her how confident she was in her abilities as a

lash artist after spending that amount of money on her course. She said she honestly felt like quitting. I was so sad for her. I did the best I could to answer all of her questions through DM and mentioned that we could set up a mentoring session if she wanted to go into things more in depth. We set it up. She filled out my mentoring form which asks what topics you want mentoring in and she checked off all the boxes. I knew we wouldn't be able to get through it all in an hour but advised her that we would start with the most important topics first. After one mentoring session, she had so much information to use and apply to her clients. We went through her kit that was included with her course and unfortunately a lot of the items in there were useless - too heavy to use on clients, low quality, no curl, etc. I gave her some products to try and advised her to switch to other (more high quality) brands on some of the items she brought from her kit. The following week, I checked in to see how things were going and how the new lashes were. She told me she quit. It was so unfortunate that as hopeful as I was for her after our mentoring session, her initial investment with the lash academy was so insufficient in so many ways. This is exactly what I don't want for anyone even just thinking of joining the industry. My opinion is that it's important to focus on ONE specialty before adding more. Have a great foundation in classic application and styling then move onto volume. Learn and master volume then maybe add lash lifts after. Or, you can start with lash lifts, do classics and move onto volumes. Don't be a jack of all trades, master of none. You don't want to be that person constantly running promos to bring people in the door. Great work and customer service will speak for itself.

---- Some Truth Bombs

  • In the beginning, you have to practice everyday, even if you don't have a client.

  • Your success won't come in a week or in a month. Its not a get rich quick scenario.

  • There will be days where you want to quit. Several days. But you just can't give up.

  • Each time you take a chance, at least one of two things can happen:

    1. You'll learn a lesson and/or

    2. Your business will be even better than it was before

---- And Why Should I Learn From You?

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you find a lash course for whatever cheap advertised price, ask yourself what the catch is. What will you be missing? If the goal is just to take any course just to get a certificate and being to say you're certified, by all means go for it. That's only part of the battle. If you want a course that is going to set you up for success, not only in the theoretical and practical part of applying lash extensions but the business part too, do your research and pay the price. Wouldn't you rather have one great, quality certificate/education over several mediocre ones? I put it all out on the table. This is my passion. Its not a side hustle. This is what I do day in and day out. I'm not looking to do what other educators are doing. I want to do and give more and that's what I know is different about the courses that I'm launching.

I know what it feels like to be the newbie and I also know how tough it can be to put yourself out there. I'm here to help my students break past imposter syndrome and shoot for success. I'm here to make sure you don't make the same mistakes that I did. I know that as a student my course is jammed packed with so much information that I wish was included in many of the courses I took. Have you ever had a dessert and thought to yourself, this would be so good if it just had this or a little more of that. My promise to my students is that my courses will always be like that. I've made sure that I've included everything that's important, relevant and up to date in this ever changing industry. I have a special bonus for my first TWO students who sign up. I can't wait to reveal to you just what it is!!

If you are interested and want more information, head over to or send me an email


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